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Retractable Eyeliner and Kajal | Black Smudge-Proof and Waterproof
  • Retractable Eyeliner and Kajal | Black Smudge-Proof and Waterproof

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    Unveil the secret to captivating eyes with the Nina Dorada Retractable 2 in 1 Eyeliner and Kajal. This exquisite eye makeup tool is designed to deliver a black, smudge-proof, and waterproof line that promises to redefine your look with precision and ease. Whether you're crafting a sharp wing or a sultry kohl effect, this eyeliner is your go-to for an intense, matte finish that lasts up to 11 hours. Its creamy texture glides effortlessly along your lash line, ensuring a seamless application every time. The Nina Dorada eyeliner is more than just an eye liner; it's a statement of elegance that stands the test of time and activity. Engineered for the modern woman who demands both functionality and style, this eyeliner pen and pencil eyeliner hybrid is the perfect choice for a day-long wear that won’t fade or streak. Its retractable design means no sharpening required, keeping your makeup routine as sharp as your liner. Embrace the waterproof eyeliner long lasting formula and experience the transformative power of a liner eyeliner that's as resilient as you are.

    • Key Benefits

      • Smudge-Proof and Waterproof - Experience the confidence of a flawless look with Nina Dorada's Retractable 2 in 1 Eyeliner and Kajal, boasting a waterproof formula that resists smudging, ensuring your eye makeup stays impeccable for up to 11 hours.
      • Intense Black Finish - Achieve a bold, striking look with the intense black color that offers a matte finish, giving your eyes a profound and captivating appearance suitable for any occasion.
      • Dual Functionality - Simplify your makeup routine with this versatile product that serves both as an eyeliner and kajal, allowing you to define your eyes with precision and create dramatic looks with ease.
      • Retractable Design - Enjoy the convenience of the retractable mechanism that keeps the product sharp and ready for use, eliminating the need for sharpening and ensuring hygiene and ease of use.
      • Creamy Texture - Glide on the creamy texture that promises a smooth application, making it easy to achieve the perfect winged or tight-lined eye look without tugging or pulling on the delicate eye area.
      • Safe for Use - Made from high-quality ingredients, this kajal is safe for use. It is suitable for all skin types
    • How To Use It

      Starting from the inner corner of eye draw a neat line along the waterline. You can gently smudge for a softer look. Recap tightly to avoid drying.

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