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It is hard to believe that even in 22nd century many consumers still believe that celebrities who earn crore are using a soap or body wash which is meagre 150/- . Seeing this marketing gimmick our founder created brand called ‘Nina Dorada’. In today’s world where it is all about packaging and marketing of a product we strongly believe that a consumers should get a product worth there money. Every  product at Nina Dorada has been formulated with botanical extract and not just with fragrance. Being a product oriented brand we firmly believe that good packaging and celebrity endorsements don’t make a product worth buying.

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Untitled design - 2023-01-09T023101.873.png


Our mission is very simple “Skin Care For All”. Our goal is that every town of India enjoys luxuries personal care at an affordable price.  For example when they pay for Rose Body Wash they just don’t get only the fragrance of rose but also the different goodness of rose like rose clay, rose hip oil and rose extract which makes there skin better in long term.


We at Nina Dorada don’t invest money in endorsing celebrities but use the same amount in making our products better. Our vision is to give luxury personal care at affordable price. Every individual deserves the best personal care which is a necessity of daily care.

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