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Black Rice Body Wash with Aloe Vera For Skin Brightening and Tan Removal
  • Black Rice Body Wash with Aloe Vera For Skin Brightening and Tan Removal

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    Made with Aloe Vera Extract, Olive and Almond oil that gives a good lather, creamy bathing experience, high skin conditioning benefit and soft after-feel post bath. Infused with Black Rice extract rich in Antioxidants, Vitamin E that protects skin against free radicals and has anti-inflammatory benefits. Gently cleanses your skin of dirt, sweat and oil without drying it out. It foams up quickly and rinses off easy. The pleasant natural scents of Cashmere offer a unique unisex touch to your daily grooming routine.

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    • Key Benefits

      • Black rice water is packed with tons of nutrients that may be beneficial for skin. For use on skin black rice is known to soften skin and tighten pores, it regulates sebum production, balances pH and help prevents whiteheads, blackheads, acne and pimples. The vitamin E content of rice water also packs in a punch for skin brightening benefits.
      • A nourishing body wash formulated with 85% naturally-derived ingredients delivers intense moisture and nourishment to the skin.
      • Gentle exfoliation, long-term hydration gently exfoliate and nourish skin with lasting hydration. This black rice body wash cleanses, softens, and hydrates skin while it exfoliates.
    • How To Use It

      Simply pour me under running water, immerse yourself into the bath, relax & unwind for a good ten, no, twenty minutes & let the day drift away. Alternatively, whilst showering, smother me all over damp skin, massage until I lather into a frenzy of rich fragrant bubbles and then rinse me off when you've had enough fun.

    • Ingredient

      Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate,Cocamidopropyl Betaine,Glycerine,Cocamide DEA,Polyquaternium-7,Propylene Glycol,kojic acid,Sodium Lactate & Sodium Gluconate,Benzyl Alcohol (And) Salicylic Acid (And) Glycerine (And) Sorbic Acid,Niacinamide,Disodium EDTA,Acrylates Polymer,Sodium Hydroxide ,Sodium Chloride,Licorice Extract ,Aloe vera Extract ,Perfume

    Sweat Control Dandruff Control Oily Scalp Control Odour Control hair Fall Control (17).png
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